About Us

Dental & Medical Equipment provides technical healthcare equipment support to the lower South Island, New Zealand

From Dentist to Engineer

Doug Moller, attended the University of Otago graduating as a dentist in 1980. During the time spent practicing as a dentist, Doug began training as a Clinical Engineering technician, setting up a dental engineering business initially as a hobby. This culminated into a fully-fledged business in 1997.

Involvement in dental engineering led to a number of contracts with District Health Boards and the University of Otago Dental School. The step towards autoclave servicing was a catalyst to increased involvement with medical equipment.

As healthcare practitioners awareness of Australian /New Zealand Standards increased so did the equipment testing side of the business.

Health reforms in the 1990's resulted in a large number of southern hospitals being set up as community health companies, no longer directly aligned with the District Health Boards. Many of these companies now choose to use Dental and Medical Equipment Ltd as their provider of medical technical support

Servicing your healthcare equipment needs

More than 20 years on, Doug is still the managing director of Dental and Medical Equipment Ltd. Now employing 20 staff, operating out of a major workshop and two satellite workshops, Dental and Medical Equipment is the sole technical equipment support company for the lower South Island.

As a company we to strive to provide best practice as detailed in Australian and New Zealand healthcare standards. All our technicians appreciate the importance of safety in clinical environments, we ensure our repairs, installations, consultancy and medical equipment testing reflect this.