Medical Equipment Testing

We can test all your medical related equipment.

Medical equipment testing is now best practice in asset management within the healthcare sector. Asset testing is Dental and Medical Equipment's largest routine operation.

A large range of testing equipment and a sophisticated, purpose-built software program allows for the onsite testing of a wide range of medical equipment to the required Australian/New Zealand standards.

Asset testing is provided to a range of clients, from doctors' surgeries seeking accreditation to large public hospitals requiring careful documentation of their assets.

Dental and Medical Equipment Ltd accepts and encourages bookings for annual equipment testing.

Our Testing Software

Our Asset Logistics Management programme (ALM) meets all the legal requirements for AS/NZS 3200 Medical electrical equipment - General requirements for safety; and AS/NZS 3551:2012 Management programs for medical equipment.

ALM is designed for healthcare facilities and hospitals, which must have a plan for managing medical devices.

In addition to procurement, our program provides tracking from commissioning, maintenance, repair, decommissioning and disposal.

What we can test:

What to expect