Planning and Design of your clinical area

Since 1981 Doug Moller, managing director of Dental and Medical Equipment Ltd, has provided project consultancy in the development of new and improved medical and dental facilities

Clients include District Health Boards New Zealand, Southern District Health Board, Canterbury District Health Board and the University of Otago.

Projects range from simple dental surgeries to complex, state of the art dental simulation clinics, mobile dental units and rural Accident and Emergency facilities.

If you are considering a new build or a re-development of your dental or medical practice, please ring or email Doug to discuss your requirements. We can advise on the current best practice to take your practice forward.

Working with contractors and architects we can provide 2D and 3D computer generated approximate layouts so you can literally "walk through" your new practice!

Reaching all aspects of Healthcare

Dental and Medical Equipment Ltd supports a wide range of disciplines, allowing us to advise, plan and implement various health projects in the lower South Island.

To ensure continuity of a project, we can provide:

  • Initial planning and design advice regarding clinic areas and equipment

  • Work with electricians, architects, builders and plumbers to achieve a final plan

  • Install and commission clinical equipment

  • Provide ongoing technical support and annual maintenance if requested

As with our technical services, our consultancy services are not limited to just dental clinics. We are able to provide advice to all healthcare disciplines: medical, dental, veterinary, physiotherapy and podiatry.


Phone: (03) 453 3090