working to current standards

Standards are documents that define materials, methods, processes, practices, or outcomes. They can then be used to set requirements, provide better practice, and deliver guidance.

AS/NZS 3551

Technical management of medical devices is the standard which is critical to the best practice of the repair, testing and management of medical equipment.

AS/NZS 4815

Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment.

AS/NZS 4187

Ensuring health service organisations (HSOs) correctly clean, disinfect and sterilize reuseable medical devices (RMDs) prior to and between patient uses in order to produce RMDs that are able to be used safely without risk of transmission of infectious agents.

AS/NZS IEC 60601

Requirements concerning basic safety and essential performance that are generally applicable to medical electrical equipment

AS/NZS 3003

Electrical installations, patient areas of hospitals, medical and dental practices. Essential for correct building of facilities for patient treatment.